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As a leading Christchurch SEO firm, we’ve got the skills to rank your site for mission-critical keywords, bringing you more visitors, leads, and sales. Come find out just how profitable a great SEO campaign can be.

To make everything run like clockwork (and to ensure the best possible results) we follow a proven, step-by-step system that abides by international best practices.

Step 1 – SEO Audit & Strategy Review

Whether your website has only just gone live, or if it has been around for years, chances are there are probably a few SEO skeletons lurking in the closet. And those skeletons could well be robbing your site of the rankings and traffic it deserves … resulting in reduced profitability for your business.

During the SEO audit process we examine just about every conceivable aspect of your website, in order to determine exactly where our expert team should focus their attention to give you the most bang for your buck.

As you might expect, we will share our findings with you to give greater insight and clarity into the process. Other agencies often charge extra for in-depth site audits – this service is included for all clients at no additional cost. 

Step 2 – Keyword Research

This part of the SEO process is just so much fun!!! Basically, we make sure that your website is targeting the right types of phrases (also known as keywords) that will attract a targeted audience.

For example, imagine you own a landscaping business in Christchurch. We make sure that you’re covered for all relevant keywords that a prospective customer might search, such as “Christchurch landscaping” or “landscaper in Chch”.

By ensuring your site is optimised for the right keywords, you will be more likely to turn visitors into buyers.

Step 3 – On-Page SEO

This is where the magic really starts to begin. During this step of the process our team make changes to your website to improve the way Google (and other search engines) view its relevancy, trustworthiness, and authority. We use proven and safe on-page techniques to deliver fantastic improvements. These changes are based on the findings from step 1 of the process, as well as a secondary review of the site.

The end result of all this optimisation? Better rankings, more traffic, and ultimately more business for you.

Step 4 – Ongoing Link Building & Optimization

This is the “secret sauce” of effective SEO. At the most basic level, link building is about sending positive signals to your site that Google effectively uses as votes of confidence. When you get a greater volume of quality links pointing to your site, Google is more likely to reward you with better rankings for your keywords.

Link building is an ongoing process, and we will work diligently to build great links to your site that will result in improved rankings and more traffic.

What Else?

On top of our powerful four step system to rank your website, we also keep you updated with once-a-month reports. Unlike some SEO providers, who try to “blind with science”, we aim to make our reports super easy to read and focus on the hard-hitting questions:

  • Are you ranking better than you were last month?
  • Are you getting more quality traffic?
  • Are you generating more leads and prospective customers?

You’ll also enjoy friendly and personalised service – we are never more than an email or phone call away (and we can always come and visit you at your business premises if needed).

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